• My Second Family by Andrea Tamat

    Have you heard of your second family or your other home? I bet yes! Let me start telling you a little about my second family and my second home which even today remains and continues to set a mark on me, I’m Andrea and I am now 21 years old, I am

  • Witnessing The Transformation

    As part of the workshops organized by CasaSito, there is the Debate Club. On September 1 of this year, Paula Castellano, our new board member, had the opportunity to be invited as part of the jury to the final of the Debate Club at the headquarters of Cobán, Alta Verapaz.


    Our staff has always felt very rewarded when a scholarship student calls to say hi or to give us an update about their current situation, but when a graduate student calls and tells us that they would like to support CasaSito, our happiness is on another level. It is the

  • Taking Initiative to Create Impact

    Every year our spring field trip is organized and implemented by our scholars. This year, our field trips incorporated activities focusing on  team-building, creativity, self-expression and leadership. These are just some of the skills we aim to develop within our youth. Scholars in Alta Verapaz, visited the Trapiche museum, known to be

  • A Night of Gatsby

    A Night of Gatsby By: Rebecca Kronick Most of our CasaSito family see the outcomes of our work. But not everyone gets a chance to see all the work we do to keep the motor running. Through this post, I'd like to take you behind the scenes of our 2018

  • Empowering Youth through Art

    Art club is a space for our youth to learn how to express themselves. This past year, the group experimented with various mediums of art – paint, recycled materials, charcoal, photography, and more. While working on these various artworks, the art club decided to host CasaSito's first ever art exhibit,

  • Maleno: Little Light in a Dark Room

    Maleno: Little Light in a Dark Room As we have mentioned, at CasaSito, everyone is family. It is not uncommon for us to have siblings in our Youth Development Program. We previously shared Paulino’s story, but we now want to tell you about his brother, Maleno, another exceptional scholar in

  • Paulino: A Modern-Day Superman

    Paulino: A Modern-Day Superman At CasaSito, we strive to implement change among youth in Guatemala. Your generous gift supports our work, allowing us to invest in deserving youth. Paulino is an example of perseverance and success. Like most Guatemalan youth, Paulino’s family could not afford to send him to middle

  • The Incredible Brothers

    The Incredible Brothers We at CasaSito pride ourselves in creating a family among our youth – a place where they feel and know they are supported as they work towards obtaining their educational and personal goals. Since opening our doors 13 years ago, we have seen many young people go

  • Doing Something Different in Antigua

    By: Peter Warwick One cold January day while in London I came across an advert on a website aimed at people looking for new challenges in their lives. CasaSito was looking for a volunteer to develop a homestay and tourism program as a way to diversify their income. The opportunity