Words from one of our scholars

My name is Andrea, I am 18 years old and currently in my first year of University. I am studying Tourism, Hotel Management and Gastronomy. I´ve been a CasaSito scholar for more than 6 years. When I started in the program I was only 12 years old. I remember I was very shy, quiet, and hardly participated in training workshops. 

The whole time I´ve been with the CasaSito family Sisi, Miriam and/or Cristina have been present, monitoring us scholarship students, Always assisting us and listening to us. Since I can remember every time I feel bad or I have some problem such as family problems, I have always felt free to tell them what is happening. With them I like expressing how I feel, because they are more than just psychologistis helping me. Because of the level of trust that is developed, I feel like CasaSito is my second home a safe palce where they will help me, or try to help me find possible solutions to my problems.

Bieng a part of CasaSito and working on my self-development, I have seen a big change in my personality, especially due to the various activities at CasaSito such as the Debate Club and the Drama Club. At the beginning of the clubs I thought “What I am doing here? I´m bad speaking in public”, I don´t know how to defend my ideas or my point of view. I have stage fright, And I´m not good enough.” However, as I continued to participate in the clubs, through time I evolved and discovered there was a potential in me that needed to be discovered. Today I am not afraid to speak or say what I think because I know I have and I am in the right to do so. I am more confident in myself and my self-esteem has evolved. 

This year has been and incredible experience. Not only am I a CasaSito scholar, but I am also now part of the staff. I am currently the work-study scholar, and assistant to administration. I feel very fortunate being able to work at CasaSito, because each day I learn new things. A couple of things I have learned so far are: how to write a good letter, time management, being responsible for my actions, management skills, and handling activities as the English Club coordinator. 

I can say proudly that everyone who´s working at CasaSito are incredible people who do their best every day and I am happy to be a part of it.

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