My experience in Debate Club

Debate club is a 12 week program that started in February. We learned how to investigate a topic, create a winning argument, and how to present our point of view.

Then we put in practice the theoretical knowledge through various presentations with topics that our teacher gave us. This year we weren’t a lot of members in the debate club, and it was great because we had more time to prepare.

Our semifinal was on ‘should public transport be owned by private entities.’ We were organized into pairs and Carolina and I had to defend a positive stance, and we won! Making it to the finals.

During this process I learned how to discuss and defend my point view and made new friends. I think my partner and I were a united team.

We felt the satisfaction of having done a good research and that was an engine that helped us to win. I would like to thank CasaSito and Developing Scholars for creating the debate club, and Manuela and Alejandra who taught us many things and were always there to support us.



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