A volunteer experience at CasaSito

After 5 months of travelling through South and Central America we arrived in Antigua where we were immediately welcomed by some of the CasaSito crew.


With our developing skills in video production we were asked to put together a video that could be used to showcase what CasaSito does to potential donors. As a part of this we were lucky enough to visit the other CasaSito site in Coban, an 8 hour drive from Antigua. From here we visited a small, very remote (no road access) pueblo called Ostua, for their annual Arts Festival, which is made possible by CasaSito. It was the first time a lot of the locals and kids had seen a camera and we were treated like royalty! They followed us around with umbrellas to shade us from the harsh sun, and chased us down the road with gifts of bananas to show their appreciation.


We were so lucky to be welcomed into their homes and hear their amazing stories of success since being part of the CasaSito program. It was touching to see how much of a difference that the help, support and financial contributions that CasaSito had made on the kids and families’ lives.


While we put the video together it gave me the opportunity to teach myself some video editing skills and my Spanish to English translation!


We were also involved in some of the auxiliary programs with CasaSito such as Sonidos para la Vida, and conducting informal conversational English classes with one of the scholarship students at her family home. We spent a lot of time together and got to know her and her family really well. We ended up spending Christmas with them learning how to make tamales, one of my favourite memories from our travels!


I thoroughly enjoyed volunteering with CasaSito; the staff are all so passionate and the scholarship students are all so appreciative and are truly benefitting for their involvement in the program.


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