Exploring Guatemalan Culture

Exploring & Learning about Guatemalan Culture

At CasaSito, we hold field trips for our scholars with the purpose of 1) providing an opportunity for our scholars to travel outside of their community, 2) creating the space for our youth to spend time with one another, and 3) rewarding our scholars for their hard work. In the past, we held outdoor recreational activities. This year, we decided to change this and incorporate an educational aspect to field trips.

Scholars in Cobán visited Orquidonias, a nature reserve home to more than 350 types of orchids and 25,000 plants. The day started with a tour of the reserve, learning about the different foliage and seeing the monja blanca (White Nun orchid), Guatemala’s national flower. They learned it represents peace, beauty, and art. The day continued with an obstacle course full of activities and a healthy lunch. Staff chose this location so scholars could see the natural beauty of Guatemala, as well as show youth how to respect nature and the environment.

Our youth in Sacatepéquez visited the Museo del Ferrocarril (railway museum) in Guatemala City. A committee of university scholars coordinated and planned the field trip. They chose a visit to the museum because they wanted the scholars to learn more about the history of Guatemala and their culture. Many did not know Guatemala had a railway system. They learned about the historical role it played in transporting goods and lines of communication around the country. We were so impressed by the committee’s efforts! They demonstrated their leadership, organization, and sense of responsibility in creating such a successful field trip!

We at CasaSito thank you for supporting our programs and making field trips like these possible for our youth. These opportunities allow our scholars to experience new things, learn more about their culture, and connect with one another during their time in our Youth Development Program. Again, thank you for your continued support!

Meet Rosana

Rosana Maria Ruiz Medina
Practicum in General Psychology

Rosana joined the team in January. She is from San Cristobal, Alta Verapaz and is studying psychology at Centro Universitario del Norte. To finish her degree, Rosana is completing her practicum at our office in Cobán. She is focusing on three areas: services, teaching, and research. Rosana is working with our youth and families, implementing psycho-therapeutic techniques, monthly workshops, and understanding the factors that impact the psychological, educational, and social development of our families. We are so excited to have Rosana supporting us this year!

Scholar Spotlight

Gloria Lucrecia Chub Yat
High School Scholar

Gloria is 19 years old and joined our Rural Youth Development Program in 2014. She is the first in her family and community to continue with high school. Additionally, she will be the only young woman in her class to graduate this year and earn her technical degree in business administration. Gloria plans to continue her studies and pursue a degree in nursing so she can return to her community and support the women and children. Her story is truly one of success!

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