Maleno: Little Light in a Dark Room

Maleno: Little Light in a Dark Room

As we have mentioned, at CasaSito, everyone is family. It is not uncommon for us to have siblings in our Youth Development Program. We previously shared Paulino’s story, but we now want to tell you about his brother, Maleno, another exceptional scholar in our program!

Like his brother, Maleno was no stranger to hard work. He’s been working since he was six years old – from cutting coffee, to selling ice cream, and working as a waiter in restaurants. However, these jobs never got in the way of his studies. He always dreamed of more and knew with an education, he could have a better future.

When it came time for Maleno to attend middle school, Paulino was already a CasaSito scholar. Maleno was encouraged to apply and was accepted into our program in 2011. Initially, he was shy, but always had a talent for public speaking. After participating in extracurricular programs such as Theater of the Oppressed and debate club, he gained confidence and his self-esteem improved.

Maleno is also a poet and beautifully described what CasaSito means to him: “When you enter a dark room, you see a light that is guiding you.  That light is CasaSito. It’s that little light that helps you.” With Casasito’s support, he completed both middle and high school. He is currently one of our university scholars, pursuing a degree in auditing and public accounting, just like his brother Paulino. He is a leader among his peers. He has led workshops and offers tutoring in accounting courses for fellow scholars, while managing his accounting business with Paulino and going to university full-time!

We are extremely impressed by Maleno and his dedication. He enjoys sharing his story because he wants others to know that they can overcome the odds and continue pushing forward. Maleno is an inspiration to our other scholars and we cannot wait to see what else he will accomplish in the years to come!

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