Taking Initiative to Create Impact

Every year our spring field trip is organized and implemented by our scholars. This year, our field trips incorporated activities focusing on  team-building, creativity, self-expression and leadership. These are just some of the skills we aim to develop within our youth.

Scholars in Alta Verapaz, visited the Trapiche museum, known to be the first sugar mill in Central America.  The objective of the field trip was to encourage imagination, creativity, and self-expression through recreational and team-building activities. They learned various fun, engaging ice-breakers, relay races, and games. The field trip was organized by 12 scholars who took part in a special eight day leadership workshop where they were able to put what they learned into practice! After the workshop, all scholars were encouraged to replicate the things they learned at their schools and communities.

Scholars in Sacatepéquez, visited Iximche, an archaeological site and the capital of the Kaqchikel Maya in 1470. There, they also participated in a yoga class, a new activity for most of our youth. The purpose was for them to connect with themselves and channel their energy. After the yoga class, they enjoyed an art activity. Art is a wonderful way for our youth to use their imagination to express themselves and have a creative outlet. The results were incredible and our scholars were motivated to continue creating pieces of art.

When asked about the field trips, scholars said they were fun and unforgettable experiences. It was a space for them to spend time with one another and have fun trying new things. It was also our way to reward them for all of their hard work and take a break from their studies.

Debate Club - Antigua

This year's Debate club final winners were

José Luis Hernández
Kevin Currichiche

The topics were: 1. Should plastic bags be banned? 2. Is reggaeton music a negative influence on our youth? Congratulations to them and our semi-finalists for a job well done. What an accomplishment!


Scholar Spotlight

Ervin Yovany Sub Icó
High School Scholar

Ervin Yovany Sub Icó is a high school scholar pursuing a technical degree in natural resources. He created a youth group in his community of Samox San Lucas, where they give workshops about the importance of caring for the environment and how this can impact crop cultivation in the area. Ervin and the youth group have taught new and different cultivation techniques to the community. This year Ervin will graduate from high school and plans to continue onto university to study engineering. He will also start a French bean plantation project, implementing production and practices of organic products in his community. Ervin has demonstrated leadership by sharing what he learns to other young people to create change and new opportunities for his community.


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