Witnessing The Transformation

As part of the workshops organized by CasaSito, there is the Debate Club. On September 1 of this year, Paula Castellano, our new board member, had the opportunity to be invited as part of the jury to the final of the Debate Club at the headquarters of Cobán, Alta Verapaz. They were all impressed by the great achievements of the young people, and even more convinced that this learning is for the whole life of the children. The finalists debated with great confidence and knew how to defend their positions well. Without a doubt, it is an excellent exercise of analysis and agility of thought to respond and react. This year, the winners are Julia Alicia de Jesús Lem Cahuec y Kevin Sis Cal! Watching our students debating: https://youtu.be/X6dZtVIQiAQ

Paula wrote: “I have been a part for some years and I have witnessed the transformation of young people: from the beginning of the workshop to the end, the process increases their confidence to speak in public and, above all, they come to understand that being well informed is essential to be able to debate. It is surprising to see how young people express themselves at the end of the club and how they develop the ability to formulate arguments to debate, regardless of the pro or con position they must defend.”

There was also an exhibition of the Art Club in the final of the Debate Club, which allowed the audience to appreciate the works offered, and the knowledge learned, in an exposition done with care and dedication. For CasaSito, these activities are of vital importance so that people can admire the talent of young people and also motivate young people to continue perfecting their technique.

Where are our Scholars after CasaSito

Alice Lee, our founder, was very emotional after the reunion with our ex-scholars. Here is what she said: “Seeing the ex-scholars at the CasaSito alumni reunion was like seeing my kids coming home after a long journey. As the “mother” or “grandma”, some will say, of the Association, I was so looking forward to hearing their story and sharing time with them. Among this group of young people, we have a bank assistant manager, a restaurant manager, a graphic designer, a policeman, an English teacher, a logistic assistant, an assistant accountant, a piano teacher, an English teacher etc and some university students that will graduate in one or two years and some are working hard to save money, so that they can continue the university. For me, life is like a coloring book, we all try to paint it as beautiful as it can be. I am so grateful that CasaSito has helped them to do that and continue to be their second family.” Together again: https://youtu.be/ZvlAvdfZJKA

Transitioning from CasaSito
A message from Rebecca to you: “Since 2015 I have been the executive director of CasaSito, and it has been a privilege to be part of such an amazing program. Today, I am transitioning from my role as the executive director of CasaSito. I do not say goodbye, however, because I will stay on as a grant manager volunteer consultant and hopefully one day become part of the board of directors. My experience with CasaSito has been beyond words and descriptions, I have grown so much professionally and personally. Like all of our scholars, for me, CasaSito has become my family, another home, and will always be in my heart. Thank you to everyone that has been a part of my time at CasaSito, to everyone who has supported me and has believed in my leadership.”

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