CasaSito in Action!

CasaSito started the extracurricular activities in February and will last till November. This year, we focus on strategic planning based on the improvement of the educational level and interpersonal relationships, with the goal that our scholars will increase their motivation and develop personal qualities.

First quarter evaluation – we evaluate the interest, initiative and use shown by the scholarship recipients for their scholarship.

And 83% of scholarships reached the average that CasaSito requests in this first evaluation.

Group activity – with great energy, the annual group activity of scholars and their parents took place in Alta Verapaz. Thanks to the support of friends from Antigua Guatemala, a circuit of outdoor activities and themes were organized, which made it possible to raise awareness about the integral care that young people and parents should strive to maintain.






Art Club – We have dedicated teachers and motivated students and the progress of this club has been incredible. On March 10th, CasaSito held a very successful art exhibition at Hotel Meson Panza Verde, with the work of the scholars from Sacatepequez and Alta Verapaz. It was a beautiful event shared with families, friends, CasaSito supporters, and art lovers.






Debate Club – after 3 months of intensive workshops, we held our Sacatepequez Debate Final in April. Enjoy the video:

And in Coban, the final will take place in the month of September. Hope many of you can join us.

Alarm systems – CasaSito installed three alarm systems, with the collaboration of Lex Leivas, Lic. Suyapa Velásquez and the leaders of the community of El Rodeo, Santa Rosa and Las Palmas, located in the department of Escuintla, and trained a small group of each community on how to activate the alarms and how to behave correctly in case of a possible evacuation. More than 1,500 families residing in the three communities will benefit from this project. We thank to “Give Kids A Chance”, “Uno Más” and many individual donors for believing in this project. CasaSito is convinced that these alarms are an effective way to help families living in these dangerous areas in the long term and to possibly save their lives in the event of an emergency.

House Construction – “Give Kids a Chance” and “Uno Más”, in collaboration with ConstruCasa and CasaSito, decided to offer a home to one of the victims of the volcano eruption. Their new house is located in the municipality of Parramos, Chimaltenango, away from the danger of the volcano, where they can feel safe. And in June, CasaSito staff and 6 parents of CasaSito scholars participated as volunteers to support the family and the ConstruCasa team for one day during construction.

Now you can also help CasaSito to fund the teacher training program through Global Giving:
On Thursday, July 18, starting at 9:00 am ET, there will be $130K in matching funds.
Global Giving will be matching donations of $100 and above while funds last on this day.


Our annual Report 2018 is online since April!
If you haven’t read it yet, here you are:


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