CasaSito Family 2020

CasaSito opened its doors to the new 2020 school year with positive energy and new plans. This year, we directly supported 106 students in 3 regions of Guatemala with the Youth Development Program (YDP), and we started the pilot Teacher Training Program (TTP) with celebrations shared among our scholars, their families, donors, friends and CasaSito teams.

Sacatepéquez: We started the celebration with the “Cuerdas” play presented by the “Amplified Expansion” Teatro del Oprimido group! – the closing presentation of the 2 years cycle.

Then we had a group exercise activity, where the primary objective was to sow a seed in young people and their families showing the importance of practicing physical activity as a daily part of their lives. As a closing activity, we shared a video* that summarizes CasaSito’s 15-year history.

In 2020, we have 45 scholars, 13 in junior high, 22 in high school, and 10 in university. A nice surprise this year is we have more young women (29) than men (19).

Alta Verapaz: We started the year with a traditional Mayan invocation which asked for the fulfillment of the goals of our 2020 activities and for the achievement of our scholars, and where the recent graduates gave the students flowers as a symbol of a new start. Afterward, the clown “Paya” made us laugh, the Cobán Folkloric Group delighted us with their presentation in marimba dance, we share a video about our work in Alta Verapaz and Quiché, and we ended the day with a delicious lunch.

Like Sacatepéquez, we have more women (29) than men (26) in our program. There are 24 scholarships in junior high, 23 in high school and 8 in university. We currently work with 4 municipalities and 20 communities of Alta Verapaz.

Primavera del Ixcán: The scholars received us with music and firecrackers to show their happiness for the visit of friends and donors. At that time we read through the scholarship contracts with the students and parents and signed them. Later began the opening celebration, starting with a dynamic group exercise, then a guided meditation on our projects for this year, then our young people prepared a musical performance which put us all to dance.

This year, we have only 5 scholars in high school and 3 in university and all 8 are males. Little by little, the program in this community will have more focus on teacher training than on individual scholarships.

In February we started the extracurricular activities of Debate, Creative Writing, English, Mathematics, Theatre of the Oppressed, Art, Ultimate Frisbee, Basketball, Football, and Music. We are very happy to offer these recreational, therapeutic and learning spaces to the scholarship recipients, as these spaces strengthen their skills and abilities.

We officially welcome 3 new staff to our family, who we are sure that with love and enthusiasm will contribute to the growth of the programs:

Cristina Rivera as coordinator of our pilot “Teacher Training Program”, a plan that, if successful, will grow and expand in the coming years in Alta Verapaz.

Julia Quiñones as “Youth Development Program” assistant and will support the management of the program in Sacatepéquez.

Ana Gaddy Caal Mus, who did her internship last year with CasaSito, will attend the Youth Development Program in Alta Verapaz.

We welcome 2020. We hope that it will be a year of blessing and creation of new training processes with the mission of providing growth and impact opportunities for Guatemala education.

From 2020 onward, we will only send out 2 newsletters and our annual report by email. If you would like to follow our work more regularly, please join our Facebook page:


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