CasaSito is ready to take off!

Welcome 2021: A year of challenges and opportunities! CasaSito started an atypical school period, but despite the challenges, our family is more than prepared to face new challenges and achieve dreams. Nothing stops us and we will not allow fear to guide our ship. The only way to meet again soon is to continue taking care of and protecting ourselves. This first quarter of the year our work modality will be 100% virtual, hoping to return to our face-to-face activities as soon as possible. 

Alta Verapaz and Sacatepéquez offices are warming up as we enter a new cycle!

CasaSito started its activities in January, with a population of 146 young people from Junior High, High School and University. In addition, we welcome two new pilot projects: Teacher Development Training and technical workshops for parents. We are convinced that these new programs will offer a good quality service with personal and professional growth for each participant.

Youth Development Program

The total beneficiary population this year is 105 young people (58 women, 47 men) from the departments of Alta Verapaz, Quiche and Sacatepéquez. It is expected that this program will be impacting 38 communities in three departments of Guatemala. Our commitment is to continue offering our scholars a program that will help them to develop new skills, and foster their academic and personal growth so that they can complete secondary and higher education.

2021 workshops and training program

For CasaSito, one of our priorities is training and mentoring of our population . We believe that change can only be achieved through education. And education is about equipping our scholars with the tools they need to go out in the world. For this year, two training axes will be covered: one is a training program for parents and the other one is focused on sexual education for Junior High and High school scholars and their parents. 

Enhancement workshops

For this 2021 cycle, the team has scheduled different enhancement workshops throughout the year, including art, English, mathematics, Theater of the Oppressed, debate and creative reading/writing. In addition, two programs for academic-professional improvement will be implemented: Vocational guidance is aimed at Junior High School scholars and mentoring will be offered to graduating scholars from High School.

New Programs 2021

The technical scholarship program is a new program that will be implemented this year with the objective of training families in technical careers in order to obtain an extra income, and overcome economic instability. 30 parents of CasaSito´s scholars from Sacatepéquez and Alta Verapaz will benefit from the program.

Teacher Development Program

We start this program with the festive phrase:

Yes it could! We are sounding the opening bell for this wonderful program that is committed to innovating education through the technique of debate. There are 11 teaching scholarship holders from the Sacatepéquez area who began their training in January. We are excited to be able to provide this opportunity to teachers seeking to improve their teaching quality. This program will benefit 7 different educational centers in Antigua Guatemala.

 CasaSito always present in the community of Primavera del Ixcan!

Despite the distance and limited access to virtual communication, CasaSito is committed to continuing to work with the community of Primavera del Ixcán. During the first quarter, all activities will be carried out virtually, except for the signing of contracts. The students will participate in all the virtual activities that are organized jointly with the Alta Verapaz scholars and each quarter a face-to-face workshop will be implemented with parents and scholars. The music and mathematics club will be run by the University scholar Efraín Mendoza who will work with scholars and interested youth from the community.

New activities in Primavera del Ixcán

Manuela Rosales, a member of the Board of Directors, taught the debate technique to a group of teachers and community leaders. The workshop was concluded with a discussion practice, leaving the seed to continue the club in the community during the coming years.

Manuel Álvarez, an active CasaSito volunteer, conducted a workshop on physical activity and sports to the sports teachers. The teachers obtained new skills that will be applied in their classes and lives. 

Teacher strengthening program in Primavera del Ixcán

During this course for primary, junior high and high school teachers, strategies will be worked on that allow participants to better face challenges in difficult times, adapt to a virtual teaching modality and motivate them to encourage their students.

 Opening of the new academic cycle

Due to the pandemic, this year’s opening will be carried out virtually through Zoom and broadcast on Facebook, with the participation of scholars from Sacatepéquez, Alta Verapaz and Quiche.

Helping Hands!

This year, we are happy to welcome several new volunteers who will support us throughout the year. In Alta Verapaz, Arturo Álvarez García will accompany us for a year directing the English club and the family program, and the University student Alma Gabriela Coy Cú will support us as a work-study scholar. In Sacatepéquez, Luisa Luna will work closely with the parents participating in the technical workshops and Emilio Santizo will work closely with the Program Coordinator of our Youth Development Program.

Partner Project: Semilla de Esperanza y Amor

With enthusiasm and passion, Semilla de Esperanza y Amor (SEA) opened its doors on January 19 beginning an unprecedented 2021 school year due to the pandemic. SEA is providing a hybrid model of teaching and learning to 60 students from preparatory to sixth grade, from the community of San Mateo Milpas Altas. 

SEA Educational Program

The students receive in-person instructions in small groups of up to 6 students per classroom two times per week and remote instructions via WhatsApp, in order to meet the health and safety standards and support physical distancing requirements. On a weekly basis, the five teachers provide the students with worksheets of the main subjects that have to be completed at home.

SEA Nutritional Program

The educational program offered by SEA is complemented by their nutritional program. Every day, the students receive a healthy breakfast/snack and a balanced lunch to-take-away that they can eat at home. Whether and how other activities will be implemented during the coming months, will be determined depending on the development of the virus and the restrictions imposed by the local authorities.


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