• A volunteer experience at CasaSito

    After 5 months of travelling through South and Central America we arrived in Antigua where we were immediately welcomed by some of the CasaSito crew.   With our developing skills in video production we were asked to put together a video that could be used to showcase what CasaSito does

  • My experience in Debate Club

    Debate club is a 12 week program that started in February. We learned how to investigate a topic, create a winning argument, and how to present our point of view. Then we put in practice the theoretical knowledge through various presentations with topics that our teacher gave us. This year

  • Words from one of our scholars

    My name is Andrea, I am 18 years old and currently in my first year of University. I am studying Tourism, Hotel Management and Gastronomy. I´ve been a CasaSito scholar for more than 6 years. When I started in the program I was only 12 years old. I remember I

  • A brilliant Young Mind

    Following is an excerpt from our President of the Board, who spent her Easter Holidays in Primavera del Ixcan, one of the rural communities that we work with. Written in Spanish, she writes how this little 7 year old girl has impressed her with her brilliant mind, beautiful writing, and

  • CasaSito wishes you a happy new year!

    A new year has started, and with it a new opportunity to make a change in Guatemala, we want to thank you for all your support during the past years and all the years to come, thank you for being part of this path that leads to a better future