CasaSito continues to provide specific, focused support and financial aid to the local educational projects with whom we partner. These grass-roots educational centers offer children living in severe poverty unique opportunities that they would not have otherwise. Our aim is to eventually encourage self-sufficiency within our Partner Projects, so that they no longer need support by CasaSito to grow, plan, fundraise and serve their beneficiaries. Since 2014, we have been scaling back our support with this aim in mind.

Semilla de Esperanza y Amor (SEA)

SEA is an educational project that focuses on the population of San Mateo Milpas Altas - a rural community near Antigua suffering from extreme poverty and multiple social problems. The project aims to break the cycle of poverty and change the future of the families in the community through the provision of primary education, health services and nutrition for disadvantaged children and young people, along with providing training for women.

Brillo de Sol

CasaSito supports this Partner Project with scholarships for its students. Brillo de Sol is a school that provides a personalized, specialized education for children with problems ranging from learning difficulties to emotional problems, hyperactivity, motor control problems, and autism, (among many others). They provide an education to children unable to succeed in the normal school system, therapy and rehabilitation, along with activities that improve their students’ social skills, self-esteem, and capacity for critical thinking. All in a loving environment and in a manner that encourages mutual support and inclusion among the students.

Las Voces del Silencio (LaVosi)

CasaSito principally supports this Partner Project with scholarships for its students. LaVosi is a specialized educational center for children and teenagers with auditory deficiencies. LaVosi offers a complete primary education and extracurricular activities imparted in Guatemalan Sign Language, and aims to provide their students with a sense of community and tools for social integration. Emphasis is placed on empowering their students to make decisions about their future, develop self-esteem and feel accepted in a hearing society.

Mujb'ab'l yol (MBYL)

For several years CasaSito has supported the development of Mujb’ab’l yol - a community radio project in Quetzaltenango focusing on indigenous rights and political activism. MBYL continues its unrelenting fight to legalize community radios in Guatemala, and provide workshops for leaders of community radio programs on human rights, the social and political history of indigenous communities, the role of community radio in a democracy and gender equality issues, among others. These workshops are very important because it is through them that MBYL is able to not only strengthen technical skills of community radio leaders, but also increase the role that community radios play in protecting the rights and culture of indigenous communities.


EducArte is an educational center based in the urban community of Ciudad Vieja, outside Antigua. Its primary focii are youth education, empowerment, activism, and personal development through the Arts, health and nutrition. EducArte provides several community projects, including ‘La Maleta Magica’ (a mobile Literacy, Reading & Creative Writing Project that aims to use literature as a tool for developing and consolidating critical thinking, social consciousness and self-expression amongst young people) and a Community Library. The project also provides preschool education and a catch-up program for older children, with a focus on the psycho-social development of each child, and their personal development through the provision of alternative activities.

Los Patojos

Los Patajos is an educational center located in Jocotenango, Guatemala. It creates a space for youth to ensure their fundamental rights such as education, food, health and recreation so that in a responsible manner, they become productive, respectful people with values and principles that promote the care of life as a whole. In the project, they apply a creative and interactive approach for development and empower critical thinking among children and youth. They work to create a community of putting dreams and ideas into action.