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Meet CasaSito

On July 7, 2004, Greg and Alice founded the Casa Sito Association in the United States, and on August 10, 2009, in Guatemala.

Currently, we have two offices in Guatemala. The first opened in Sacatepéquez department in 2006. A second office was established in Alta Verapaz department in 2013.

Sacatepéquez Team

Lourdes González

Lourdes González (Sisi)

Sacatepéquez Regional Director

"CasaSito is part of my philosophy of life where serving with love is everything, so I am part of a system where I can serve my community efficiently, without neglecting my personal life and family."

Miriam Valle

Miriam Valle

Youth Development Program Coordinator

"I have been part of the CasaSito family since 2010. My position allows me to share and participate in all the activities planned for our scholarship recipients and parents."

Cristina Rivera

Cristina Rivera

Teacher Program Coordinator

"Being at CasaSito has also given me the opportunity to reach the little corners of Sacatepéquez and once again the hearts of the adolescent scholarship recipients, educational scholarship recipients, and their families."


Silke Wahl

Development Consultant

"Being part of the CasaSito family personally makes me feel happy because the little effort I contribute, makes a difference in people’s lives and is a way to give back to society."

Leticia Martinez

Leticia Martinez

Youth Development Program Assistant

"I like to guide and accompany each young person and respond to their individual needs, using comprehensible, educational, flexible, and comprehensive communication methods."

Graciela Carolina

Carolina Aragon

Internal Accountant

"Casasito is a humanist association. I have learned and have grown both personally and professionally. What I love about working in the association is the quality of service that is given to the community with passion and love for the Guatemalan population. Casasito is a family union"

Alta Verapaz Team

José de la Cruz

José de la Cruz 

Alta Verapaz Regional Director

"CasaSito is my second family and I enjoy each of the activities we do. I love my work and the changes that it generates in people, through what we do."

Lisbeth Bac

Lisbeth Bac 

Social Worker

"Being part of CasaSito has given me the opportunity to feel part of the families we work with, contributing with my work to improve their living conditions and help young people achieve their dreams and goals."

Ana Gaddy

Ana Gaddy 

YDP Coordinator

"For me working at CasaSito is an opportunity to develop leadership in young people and contribute to their professional training."


Board of Directors

Group photo of the Board of Directors

(from left to right)

Alice So Fong Lee, Treasurer

Manuela Rosales, Secretary

Paola Castellanos, Vice President

Desiree Iturbide, Member

Silke WahlPresident

Greg Schwendinger, CasaSito USA President



CasaSito Founders


Alice Lee So Fong

CasaSito Founder

Alice has lived and traveled in many countries for the last 30 years. In 1999, she started working in developing countries as a volunteer and coordinator. She has participated in many different projects such as house-building, environmental conservation, HIV/AIDS education, and social development. Alice is also the agent of Developing Scholars Foundation of Canada in Guatemala and is a member of Mariposa Association of Germany.


Greg Schwendinger

CasaSito Founder

An engineer by profession and a kayaker by passion. Fortunately, a travel bug cut his engineering career short and now he has found true love in Guatemala in more ways than one. Apart from his work at CasaSito, Greg writes kayak guidebooks for Mexico and Central America.