"One day seemed like one more of the bunch, a door opens, a door to meet more people, to explore new topics, to create new friendships, to meet new ideologies, cultures, and expectations."

- Henry Rolando Pérez Coyoy

CasaSito's Commitment to Community

CasaSito continues to provide specific, focused support and financial aid to the local educational projects with whom we partner. These grass-roots educational centers offer children living in severe poverty unique opportunities that they would not have otherwise. Our aim is to eventually encourage self-sufficiency within our Partner Projects so that they no longer need support from CasaSito to grow, plan, fundraise and serve their beneficiaries. Since 2014, we have been scaling back our support with this aim in mind.

Our approach clearly lays out this deeply held value and includes the following commitment:

We collaborate with projects to increase their self-sufficiency, self-sustainability, and self-financing

Our current projects include collaborations with the following. We encourage you to visit their pages to see what we are supporting.

Mujb'ab'l Yol


A community radio project focusing on indigenous rights and political activism.  MBYL continues its unrelenting fight to legalize community radios in Guatemala and provides workshops for leaders of community radio programs. CasaSito supports its educational programs focused on youth development.

Semilla de Esperanza y Amor (SEA)

San Mateo Milpas Altas 

SEA provides help to low-income families from San Mateo Milpas Altas through educational and recreational activities and psychological support that foster the intellectual and emotional development of the community. The program also provides a healthy and balanced breakfast and lunch to its students.

Brillo de Sol

La Antigua

A school that provides personalized, specialized education for children with various needs including learning difficulties, autism, motor control, and in need of emotional support. Therapy and rehabilitation are provided along with activities to improve social skills, self-esteem, and crictical thinking.

Luis de Lion

San Juan del Obispo

A project that validates the right to artistic training and access to reading for children in the rural area of ​​Guatemala.

Although the academy specializes in marimba, it also has classes in violin, drawing, and painting.