"While education is the journey of the learner, a knowledgeable guide still makes a big difference."

The start of a new idea

To fully support our scholars we have always understood the need to support their communities, so in 2020 CasaSito expanded our services and began targeting teacher development programs. We have since continued supporting and developing our teacher development programs.

Teacher Development Program

Competitive Debate Skills

  • Awarded scholarships to teachers to allow them to learn techniques in debating
  • Distributed educational materials to teachers to support daily instruction
  • Sponsored an inter-school debate competition

Interactive and Creative Education

  • Provided professional development in pedagogy that focuses on creativity
  • Prepared teachers to provide targeted instruction
  • Valued the emotional development of students by building future opportunities for their creative expression

Hear From Our Teacher Participants

Today I am a bigger person than before I entered CasaSito and, just like this project, more will come that we must take advantage of because it is knowledge and experience that no one can take away from us.

Prof. Henry Rolando Pérez Coyoy, class of 2021.

I am very grateful for this opportunity they gave me to belong to this training school, they will always be a blessing in my life.

Mrs. Melisa Ruiz, class of 2022

I feel the strength to get up again, to smile again, to start over. CasaSito is not only helping me grow professionally but also personally. With the activities he carries out, I have learned many things, which I am sure to put into practice with my students.

Mrs. Lilian Bal, class of 2022